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By now, almost everyone in the apartment industry has heard about LED lighting and its many effects on operations and bottom lines.

LED conversions are one of the easiest and fastest ways to begin a strategy toward greater energy efficiency. Payback for such implementation can be rapid and this helps to increase the property’s value.

Go Active LED can make LED conversions as easy as they sound while delivering on the promise of long-term savings for the assets.

LEDs can be calculated with a market CAP rate to ensure that the project yields an even larger financial outcome when the site is sold. For example, if an LED project saves $24,000 per year, the project can be worth another $300,000 at disposition when calculating an 8 percent CAP rate.

Big Savings:

Low risk energy projects with high returns can come both through energy cost savings as well as saved maintenance. Just like any capital project, LED projects can be applied to the PAP rate at time of sale for increased property value.

Low-Hanging Fruit:

LEDs are among the lowest in cost and effort compared to other sustainability projects that address energy or water savings.

  1. Quick Return on Investment: LED projects typically pay back their investment quickly, meaning a speedier delivery of financial returns compared to other potential investments. Even if a community is on the market, the quick payback period often means that an LED project can deliver additional revenue at the time of sale.
  2. Safety and Security: Community and resident safety can improve as a result of reliably lit areas, such as common space and parking lots. LEDs last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs or compact florescent lights and can produce more appropriate light for these areas.
  3. Incentives and Property Tax Reduction Many utilities offer rebates on LEDs that help to reduce project cost and increase payback time.

All these advantages are at no financial risk to you.

Using our Lighting as a Service, there are no up-front capital costs. We provide a professional turn-key installation and you begin to save electricity immediately. We bill you monthly and your payments are covered by your monthly electricity savings. We can also help you apply for incentives from your local electrical utility.

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