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They’re gaining curb appeal from Go Active LED’s purposefully designed outdoor LED fixtures and indoor LED lighting throughout showrooms, offices and service bays.

LED lighting from Go Active LED can cut lighting energy costs by up to 70%, is virtually maintenance-free, and lasts five times longer than other lighting solutions.

Custom LED Solution

Because no two locations are exactly alike, we customize car dealership LED lighting according to the unique requirements of your showroom and lot, including your parts and service departments. To deliver the absolute best, we only utilize fixtures manufactured to provide your dealership with the long lasting and optimum illumination.

Immediate R.O.I.

Based on our initial assessment of your facility and prior utility bills, Go Active LED will craft an LED conversion plan that pays for itself. Lower energy bills will be evident within the first month and routine dealership lighting maintenance will be eliminated from budgets, saving the environment and your bottom line.

No Business Disruption

We understand that business is important to you, which is why we schedule installation around operating hours. Because LED dealership lighting provided by Go Active LED, you can eliminate maintenance costs from your budget.

Guaranteed Results

Go Active LED will conduct an LED lighting assessment at no cost. We will detail the ideal LED lighting plan, forecast your exact electricity savings and guarantee that you realize them.

No Capital Expense

Go Active LED will converter your entire dealership to optimal LED lighting technology, guarantee your lighting electricity savings and provide free LED lighting maintenance without any capital expense to you. All of this is possible because our innovative Lighting as a Service agreement.

Turnkey Installation

Go Active LED will deliver a professional turnkey installation of your new LED lighting system

Before - HID Lighting

After – LED lighting