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About Us

Go Active LED® provides risk free LED conversions for any asset class. Our service costs nothing out of pocket for a full LED conversion including the lighting fixtures and installation.

LED Conversion clients see an average of 70% reduction in electricity used for lighting and 100% savings in their lighting maintenance costs. 

A Go Active LED consultant will perform a complete lighting assessment of your facility.

The FREE lighting assessment includes an inventory of all existing and proposed lighting fixtures, current and future lighting energy consumption, lighting energy and dollar savings, required capital, cash flow and breakeven analysis, foot-candle readings, color temperature analysis, and other detailed measurements.

This FREE lighting assessment allows us to gather all information needed to maximize lighting efficiency while meeting industry illumination standards for your industry.

Lighting-as-a-Service requires zero upfront cost from you. 

We will provide a professional turnkey installation of your new LED lighting system.

All maintenance and LED conversion costs