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Creating a unique and memorable experience for every guest is key to ensuring customer loyalty. At the same time, a focus on costs and sustainable solutions is important to your bottom line.

With Go Active LED LED lighting, you can welcome, guide, and entertain every visitor who walks through your door – all while saving on energy and operational costs. From bright safe parking lots to personalized lighting in hotel rooms to wayfinding and displays, make your hotel a destination to remember.

More than any other large properties, hotels and resorts can take advantage of the great benefits offered by LED lighting because these facilities have a fixed operating cost for heating/cooling and lighting in all their common areas.

While the facility may not always be operating at full occupancy, all the lighting in their lobbies, hallways and other common areas are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reduce costs

  • Lower energy consumption with LED lighting and smart controls
  • Manage and reduce energy use with daylight harvesting
  • Reduce operational costs with remote monitoring

Improve operations

  • Manage and control multiple sites from a single central location
  • Simplify maintenance with lamp failure detection
  • Integrate lighting with other systems, such as building management, heating, etc.
  • Improve customer experience
  • Design welcoming, inspiring spaces throughout the hotel
  • Let guests personalize their rooms to suit their mood
  • Bring your brand identity to life though unique and beautiful lighting design
  • Well-lit parking areas inspire confidence and an increased sense of safety

We Will Convert Your Facility to Advanced LED Lighting without capital expense

We will deliver a complete turnkey implementation of the new LED lighting system

We Guarantee Your Energy Saving

Go Active LED will do an investment grade analysis of your lighting requirements and detail the new LED lighting design. Go Active LED will then guarantee that you receive the energy reductions that we forecast.

We will maintain your new LED lighting system for 10 years at no expense to you.

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