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A Go Active LED consultant provides a complete lighting assessment at your facility. The lighting assessment includes an inventory of all existing fixtures, foot-candle readings, color temperature analysis, and detailed measurements. The lighting assessment allows us to gather all information needed to maximize lighting efficiency while meeting industry illumination standards for your industry.

Studies show that the conversion rate to LED is growing quickly, but there are still over 70% of legacy lighting technology that needs to be upgraded to LED. Furthermore, lighting represents an industry average of around 20% of the total electrical bill.

Our lighting assessment allows you to understand the cost of your legacy lighting solution and the potential savings that await you by switching to LED. You might not be aware of how economical LED lighting solutions truly are until you consider the return on investment. Also, assessments highlight the additional benefits of LED lighting beyond financial savings, including rebate opportunities, tax benefits and environmental impact.

After the lighting assessment, we will deliver a detailed project report including a lighting layout and proposed product specifications, energy savings and ROI calculation.

The following information will be collected during the lighting assessment:

  • Building, Floor, and Area Identification
  • Information About Current Fixtures (Quantity, Mounts, Wattages, Voltage, Etc.)
  • Measured Readings (Temperature, Foot-candles, Light Color Temperature)
  • Hours of Operation and Power Consumption Per Fixture
  • Photographs and Arrangement of Existing Fixtures and Breaker Box(S)
  • Measured Dimensions (Ceiling Types and Heights, Room/area Dimensions, Entrance Sizes)

Our free, no-obligation lighting assessment includes:

  • Complete Lighting Survey of Your Building
  • Proposed Photometric Lighting Layout
  • Proposed Fixture List and Specs
  • Energy Savings Report
  • ROI Calculation
  • Information About Available Financial Incentives
  • Our Lighting as a Service Proposal