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The Problem

Most offices have adequate but aging lighting systems that often operate inefficiently, can waste vast amounts of energy, and annoy employees. Wasted electricity, excessive or uneven illumination, and difficulty concentrating are three top complaints of office workers.

The Challenge

The technology exists to revolutionize commercial lighting: LED lighting systems and today’s intelligent digital controls systems can together provide higher-quality indoor environments while saving significant energy and money.

Basically, the problem is that everybody wants a better lighting system but nobody wants to pay for it. Owners don’t want to spend their capital budgets, especially where tenants pay the utility bills. Tenants don’t feel empowered to invest in capital projects, especially when their leases are short term.

The Opportunity

Go Active LED provides a business-model innovation that overcomes this barrier; Lighting as a Service. We provide a turnkey LED conversion without any capital expense to our customers.

Lighting as a Service allows our customers to convert to LED lighting without any capital expense and we design, install, and maintain LED lighting with smart controls to provide those outcomes. We guarantee the energy savings you will achieve.

Our unique approach fully aligns the benefits of the LED conversion with both the lighting and financial needs of our customers.

The Go Active LED Lighting as a Service model is a game changer in the way it incentivizes our customers to deploy the most energy-efficient lighting systems available, not only creating an immediate boost in net operating income for building owners and property managers but without the need for any capital expense.

We Deliver Improved Lighting

Advanced LED lighting technology from Go Active LED can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional manufacturing lighting options, while further lowering energy usage by reducing the load on air conditioning and cooling systems due to significantly lower heat generation.

We Will Convert Your Building to Advanced LED Lighting without capital expense

We will deliver a complete turnkey implementation of the new LED lighting system

We Guarantee Your Energy Saving

Go Active LED will do an investment grade analysis of your lighting requirements and detail the new LED lighting design. Go Active LED will then guarantee that you receive the energy reductions that we forecast.

We will maintain your new LED lighting system for 10 years at no expense to you.

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