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The challenges of 24/7 operation have managers maneuvering for superior light quality, virtually no maintenance and energy savings as high as 70%.

Custom LED lighting from Go Active LED minimizes shadows and improves lighting thus safety is enhanced and security cameras operate more efficiently. Optional occupancy sensors ratchet down energy use even more.

Utility expenses for parking garages operating 24 hours a day typically account for 10% to 15% of a facility’s total expenses, according to Parking Today. When operators look to cut expenses, they typically target tabor costs, not lighting. However, owners and managers can reduce maintenance costs by installing advanced LED lighting and controls while also lowering energy costs.

Let Go Active LED show you exactly how much electrical savings are available with our LED assessment. We will document exactly how much you will save on electricity and then guarantee that we deliver those savings!

We can convert your parking area and/or parking garage to 100% LED lighting without any capital expense. Learn more about our Lighting as a Service.

Go Active LED will deliver a professional turnkey installation of your new LED lighting system

Not only do we eliminate capital expenditures but we also eliminate maintenance. Go Active LED will maintain your new LED lighting system for up to 10 years at no additional expense to you. Learn more about our free maintenance

In addition to saving electricity, converting to 100% LED lighting will also:

  1. Reduced maintenance – Flex’s LEDs last for years, rarely go out or need maintenance
  2. Increased Safety – Even, consistent LED illumination creates a safe environment
  3. Improved Customer Experience – Reducing glare inside garages increases driver comfort
  4. Make your parking area or parking garage safer, greener, more energy efficient and more secure with advanced LED lighting from

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