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Lighting as a Service (LAAS):

High Quality LEDs
Low Prices
Professional Services
Exceptional Value

We will provide a professional turnkey conversion of your current lighting to LED lighting technology and it:

Positively Impacts Net Operating Income

  • No Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Pays for Itself from Savings
  • Pay Only From Electricity Savings
  • Virtually Eliminates ALL Financial Risks

Reduces Lighting Bill by 70-80%

  • LED Lighting is Extremely Efficient
  • Instant Savings on Electricity Bills
  • Also Reduces HVAC Expenses
  • Exterior, Interior and Parking Garages

Provides Major Tax Deductions

  • New Equipment Provides 100% First-Year Tax Deduction
  • Old Equipment provides 100% Tax Deduction at Current Book Value
  • Deductions are beyond Section 179
  • Service Fees = 100% Deductible

Enables Utility Rebates

  • LED Lighting System Qualifies for Utility Rebates
  • Receive Up to 50% of the Cost of Installation
  • More than 1,000 Utility Companies Participating

Eliminates All Lighting Maintenance for 5 Years

  • 5-Year Fixture Warranties
  • Repairs and/or Replacements are at No Charge
  • Includes No Light-Loss Guarantee